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“An EHR Built by physicians for physicians” Since 2001 Amazing Charts EMR is helping Physicians thrive with their easy-to-use solutions, delivering precise patient care. Keeping in mind the daily challenges of practitioners and providers this EMR software was designed by a practicing family of physicians.

Amazing Charts has consistently ranked as the top EHR since 2017, delivering easy-to-use and affordable options to medical practices. A note-worthy milestone in 2017, Harris Healthcare group headed several ambulatory healthcare solutions, acquiring Amazing Charts EHR. As of today, Amazing Charts is offering a variety of solutions designed to help independent practices succeed. With a network of 15,000+ independent clinicians and 9,000+ independent practices.


Solutions by Amazing Charts:


Electronic Health record

Designed to chart quickly and with the least number of clicks, while being cost-effective. Used by physicians serving family practises, pediatrics, internal medicine, surgery, cardiologist, and a wide range of other specialties. An EHR tailored in a most comprehensive fashion for each specialty, to help keep the sanity of everyone’s workflow and capabilities.


Features and highlights:

  • Charting- Easy and quick access to chart summary, lab results, past encounters, and referrals. No more double entry for the same information required.
  • e-Prescribing- Robust built-in e-prescribing module. (NewCorp powered, SureScript certified solution)
  • Messaging- with an intra-messaging system, for users with appropriate access. To edit and use the inbox information.
  • Reporting- a tool that provides common preset queries and the ability to build own complex queries. In an easy-to-use, step-by-step process.
  • Templates- for easy work and minimising the risk of ending up with similar notes.
  • Billing- an electronic superbill is automatically generated when a note is being signed. Which is stored for billing.
  • Scheduling- Set appointments, add duration, and rebook any no-show appointments. 
  • Maintenance and support- Email, telephone, chat, and remote access to US-based personnel. Regular program and database updates to improve EHR usability. 
  • Patient Portal- electronic exchange of messages, test results, visit summaries, and educational material.


Practice management

Amazing Charts has practice management called CareTracker. Smooth check-ins and maximum reimbursements by quickly identifying coding inconsistencies, confirming eligibility, and identifying unpaid claims. Furthermore, the front office command centre dashboard acts as a virtual office assistant. Monitoring and notifying via smart alerts for any urgent care patients may require. Making more time for concentrating on patients.


Features and highlights:

  • View Unpaid Claims- to ensure claims are worked upon and resolved in due time.
  • Claims Manager- reviewing claims before submissions to reduce denials and maximise revenue.
  • Integrated clearinghouse- secure connect clearinghouse for high-level support and responses to payer changes. 
  • Intelligent Dashboards- interactive role-based dashboards to automatically prioritise work.
  • Reporting- quick and high-level view of finances and identifying issues to sidestep delays in reimbursements.
  • US Based Support- to identify and resolve issues on a run-time basis. 
  • Claim status- for improved reimbursements.
  • Patients Payments- online payment with Quick Pay.
  • Payment posting- simplified and streamlined insurance payments, saving effort and time.


Population Health

MIPS quality measure for identifying, engaging, measuring, and improving gaps in population health and risk stratification demands. Besides, AC Population Health has tools to aggregate, analyse and achieve results. For instance patient care, increased productivity, and reduced costs.


Features and highlights:

  • Clinical Quality Measures Module- Data points that CMS uses to measure or track the quality of health provided. 
  • Care Gaps Module- to identify gaps and provide better patient care, save time, and improve the financial outlook of healthcare providers.
  • Chronic Care Management module- Federal government program to identify patients with chronic conditions, improve patient care, and earn additional revenue.


Billing Services

 Amazing Charts billing services handles all billing hassle, with its fully integrated Revenue Cycle Management service. It is more cost-effective as compared to third-party billers. In Results, Increase in collections by 20%; Claims paid in first submission 95%; Quicker time to payment; Uninterrupted cash Flows. 


Features and highlights:

  • Real-Time Reporting- cloud-based reporting software for customizable reports for total visibility of financial performance and trends.
  • Timely Submissions- ensure timely payments and allow payers remittance, patient payments posting and includes EOB scanning and payment verification.
  • Claim Analysis- To improve the rate of success for first-time claims submissions. Besides, Periodically examine payer success and opportunities for improvements.
  • Extensive Follow-Up- to ensure claims are not left behind patients’ statements and telephone follow-ups are done. Which can be customized as you need.



Virtually treat patients with HIPPA-compliant and secure telemedicine providers. Telehealth solution helps you in: Remotely delivering in-home patient care; Initiate instantly and easily secure text conversations with patients; Furthermore, Initiate video visits with a click of a button; Maintain logs for videos and chats for audit and billing.


EMR Amazing Charts Telehealth Partners are DrFirst and Updox.

  • DrFirst has power tools for communicating remotely with patients- Pricing $25/month per provider & $5/month per support staff.
  • Updox Telehealth includes Video chat and Two-Way secure texting tools- Pricing $80/month per provider.
  • Telehealth Amazing Charts also has a Virtual Preventive Care Assistant. This helps to manage patients with chronic conditions with remote staff. Home-based services to provide better patient care, behavioral health integration, remote patient monitoring, and increase revenue. Therefore, Deliver Remote Clinical Staff Augmentation to reduce labor costs while maintaining patient continuity. No investment, no risk involved, and immediate engagement. The Preventative Services suite of billable codes is structured to help maintain patient engagement between the office or telehealth visits by the provider. 


Amazing Charts EMR Pricing:

Pricing that reflects the efforts required to support and improve the healthcare solutions actively, while meeting the regulatory requirements.

Amazing Charts EHR Cost: Starting @ $199/month

Amazing Charts Practice Management Cost: Starting @ $299/month

Additional services charges are applied as per the provider’s requirement.

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