Prenatal Yoga

Yoga is a type of exercise that focuses on physical as well a mental health. Different types of yoga focus on different aspects. Some are for weight loss, and some for depression and anxiety.

Similarly, prenatal yoga is a form that targets the health of pregnant women. Unlike the misconception that pregnant women need to be tied to the bed, being active is important for them.

Yoga not only helps them get in the requisite physical activity, but it also helps them find it easier to move.

However, for women with special conditions, they must first clear with their Gynecologist in Islamabad if they can partake in yoga.

Another benefit of yoga for pregnant is its positive influence on the mental health.  Pregnancy is extremely hard on the emotional and psychological health because of the hormonal changes occurring in the body. Moreover, having a baby is also very daunting and emotionally draining.

Similarly, prenatal yoga can also help with urinary incontinence, which is common during pregnancy. As the uterus is in the periphery pf the bladder, when it presses on the bladder, it then also makes it harder to hold the urine in.

Furthermore, prenatal yoga also facilitates childbirth. It may also make the labor shorter as well.

Some prenatal yoga steps that are helpful include:

Ankle-to-Knee pose

This pose helps in opening the hips, that then helps abating pain related to tight hips. It also helps in improving backache during pregnancy. 

To perform this pose, sit as if you are trying to cross your legs, but instead, stack your legs. Then, inhale and elongate your spine, and then exhale slowly. Now, switch the leg.

Balancing Table Pose

Balancing table pose helps in improving your coordination and focus. It also helps in making your core muscles strong as well.

To do the pose, get on all fours. Then, take one leg and the alternate arm up. Make sure they are parallel to floor. Ensure that your core is not sagging, and you are balancing well on the mat. Lengthen your spine as you breathe in and out.

Hold the pause for 3 to 5 breaths and lower the arm and the leg. Now, repeat on the other side.

Cat and Cow pose

This pose is excellent for stretching the muscles of the back, and therefore is effective in remedying backaches. It also allows baby to move into the ideal position for birth.

To do the pose, get on all fours. First comes the cow pose. In it, as you breathe in, lift your chest up, and sink your belly. Your tail bone will also then jut out. Then, exhale as you move into cat pose. In this, you arch your back and contract your abdomen.


Malasana is a form of yoga squat. It helps in loosening tight hips. It also helps in preparing the body for labor, and helps it get into the zone to push.

To do this, simply stand hip-width apart, and bend down into squat.

Warrior 2 pose

Warrior 2 pose is fairly easy to do and is also effective. It helps in opening the muscles of the inner thighs, that facilitates the muscles during labor.

For this pose, go into the mountain pose. Move your feet apart, take your arm out. Exhale and bend your front leg. Your arms should be parallel to the floor. Straighten your leg as you inhale.

Downward dog

Another pose that is effective for pregnant women is downward dog. It helps in easing pain in the shoulder and the lower back as well.

To do this, get on all fours, and lift your hips up, so that they jut into the air. Your knees and shoulders will also be air borne. You can also use the wall for support.

While prenatal yoga is mostly safe, you can also consult the Best Gynecologist in Lahore for expert opinion.  

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