Ultrasonic Liposuction

What is Ultrasonic Liposuction & How Effective it is?

Ultrasonic liposuction refers to the aesthetic procedure used to liquefy your fat cell prior to their removal. There is a need to perform this procedure under the guidance of a combination of ultrasonic waves and ultrasound in order to aim at the fat cells. This procedure also named as (UAL) ultrasound-assisted liposuction.

Here, you need to clarify that liposuction is a widely used procedure all over the world but this isn’t for weight loss. In fact, it is a body contouring procedure that helps to remove sculpt or fat from your body. The procedure works by removing the fat deposits that aren’t removable with exercise and diet.

What Are The Benefits?

Sometimes, the practitioners use Ultrasonic Liposuction instead of using SAL (suction-assisted liposuction). The SAL is the ancient method to achieve the same goals. But this procedure comes with some specific limitations that can manage through UAL. It also contains lots of other benefits while you get it from an expert practitioner.

  • It removes your fat precisely.
  • helps you to get rid of fat rolls and fibrous fat that are stubborn.
  • It helps to boost skin contraction.
  • It helps you to preserve your surrounding nerves.

The procedure has the capability to perform outstanding results as compared to other procedures. Hence, you need to get the procedure done by an expert practitioner. Here, at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, we are providing professional services with full care and devotion.

How Effective Ultrasonic Liposuction Is?

The effectiveness of a procedure matters a lot when you need to achieve a specific goal. If fitness is your main goal and you just want to get rid of the additional fats from your body that are not possible to remove with the help of exercise and diet, then UAL is the best choice for you. The medical experts reveal it as the most effective treatment plan for undesired fat. A study was conducted in 2010, and the report revealed that 609 individuals got UAL procedure between the time period of 2002 & 2008, and 80% of individuals got satisfactory results. The level of satisfaction was concluded by the overall maintenance of weight loss and fat loss.

At the same time, the authors of this study got to know that almost 35% of the individuals ended up with weight gain. So, it is essential to provide lifestyle counselling to the patient. This is the reason that medical experts highly recommend getting an initial consultation before getting any cosmetic procedure. As you need to follow before and after instructions carefully if you really want a desired results.

Many clinics like Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic provides FREE consultation before your procedure to let you know all essential details regarding the procedure and also to know your expectations.


Feel free to contact famous surgeons anytime regarding Ultrasonic Liposuction in Dubai or any other cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure. Dubai is one of the best places to get yourself groomed. What are you waiting for when you have such an amazing opportunity? You can easily clear your concerns in your first session with the surgeon. You need to make your decisions wisely when it is a matter of your body and skin. Go ahead and book your appointment now!

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