Few Things to Know About Residential Rehab Program

Few Things to Know About Residential Rehab Program

If you are really worried about any of your near or dear one’s addiction problem e.g. drug addiction or alcohol dependency then you can contact a rehab program nearby your area. It may be difficult to take the first step however the medical staff of the rehab center will always support you in every step, and provide you information and guidance that you may need.

Rehab admission with any referral and funding

Let us try to know about what is residential rehab. For making the initial contact you do not need any referral through the patient’s doctor or any psychiatrist. The patient himself or anyone from his or her family member or even an employer can also come along with the patient to start with.

Patients will either have to pay for their treatment privately or with the help of their medical insurance. Also, if there is any statutory funder e.g. the national health system is available then it is also admissible. After the funding type has been established, the process of admission will then begin.

Free pre-admission assessment

Anyone who is considering admission in the rehab program will get free pre-admission for initial assessment that can also be done on phone before the treatment process begins. This will take place with any of the therapists or doctors, who will assess the complexity about the case and also the suitability of that person for necessary treatment.

Tax relief

Self-funded patients may also qualify for claiming tax relief on their cost of treatment in case they have paid from their own expenses.

Admission to Rehab center

The admission staff member of the rehab center will always be happy to answer all your enquiries about the admission procedures and also all general enquiries about the treatment and many other necessary details, that you may be interested to know.

These admission staff work as a first level contact point for all kinds of enquiries regarding the treatment at the rehabilitation center and they can also advise prospective patients, their families, as well as any referrers and answer various questions about their arrangement for admission.

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