How and Why Exercise Makes Us Feel and Look Younger

How and Why Exercise Makes Us Feel and Look Younger

In spite of the stereotypical concepts that people have about age, it is still just a number. The truth is that everyone doesn’t age in the same way or at the same time and there are ways to keep the ill-effects of aging at bay. Speaking of ways to keep aging at bay, exercise is an essential part of that routine. In case you are wondering how a fit lifestyle helps to keep you young, check out the following points below.

Regular Exercise Makes You More Energetic

While exercise can tire you out by the time you finish your session, it will also keep you energized for the rest of the day once you recover from the temporary fatigue. It improves blood flow and makes our brain and body more active.

It Keeps You in Better Shape

We are not only talking about our muscles and fat levels here but also the posture. As we age, our posture begins to change due to muscle and bone loss, which can be kept in check through resistance training. Not only does resistance training increase your bone density and muscle mass, the positive mental and physical impact of lifting weights also helps one to adopt a more confident posture akin to a much younger person.

Exercise Keeps Skin Healthy

Exercise affects the skin both directly and indirectly. A stronger immune system and better blood flow automatically make for healthy skin, but there are other more profound and internal positive effects (increased cell life, for example) that working out has on the skin. 

If one is able to combine the clinically tested anti-aging effects of Dermaset with a regular exercise routine and a healthy diet, looking and feeling decades younger will no longer be a fairy tale.

Joint Flexibility is Significantly Improved with Regular Exercise

Our joints tend to seize up, along with our muscles, as we age, making the act of leaving the bed each morning a long and sometimes even painful affair. Try stretching and cardiovascular exercises to alleviate the situation and once you incorporate it as a part of your regular life, joints will not get so rusty in the first place.

Exercise Helps Your Mood

Older people usually tend to become more and more cranky over time, but exercise can prevent that. Running, fast walking, and other forms of aerobic exercise help to not only keep you physically alert and fit, but they can also improve the mood significantly. Much of this has to do with the release of endorphins and dopamine, which is often a result of cardio training.In addition to these five points, exercise has a very positive effect on sleep, as studies have shown that people who exercise regularly sleep better and deeper than the ones who don’t. Sleeping affects how we look in the morning, the levels of harmful oxidants in the body, and the whole aging process in general. Even if you do not follow a regular exercise routine right now, don’t let it keep you from starting, and don’t let people tell you that you are too old for the gym because that’s a lie and mostly a myth.

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