A Man’s Guide to Dealing with Dental Injuries at the Gym

A Man’s Guide to Dealing with Dental Injuries at the Gym

Anything can happen at the gym. And we’re not just talking about a random piano falling on top of you as you are doing normal crossfit routines. Actually, we are talking about real world injuries that could give you a great deal of pain in the long run.

In fact, gyms and fitness centers are two of many places with high injury risk factors. And this alone has prompted the owners of these establishments to implement guidelines on how to make working out safer for their members.

Still, there is a considerable number of people that experience serious injuries every year. From sprained ankles to chipped teeth, the number of sports and workout-related injuries continues to increase. Traumatic dental injuries, for one, continue to be on the top list. 

These kinds of injuries are usually incurred during activities that involve a lot of strain. Usually, these happen due to several reasons. And these reasons mostly involve doing the necessary preparations before undergoing a workout session.

But what would you do when something as unexpected as a dislodged tooth happens? Here are a few things to remember along the lines of dental first aid.

Get lots of ice

When you notice bleeding and swelling around the gums, obviously the first thing you need to do is get an ice pack and numb the area. It might not soothe the pain thoroughly, but it is enough to keep it under control before any serious treatment arrives. What’s more, be sure to apply pressure to the area surrounding the affected tooth to further keep the bleeding in check.

Saline solution

Another way to keep the bleeding under control is to prepare a saline solution by dissolving four parts salt in a glass of water. Keep the solution in your mouth, but don’t gargle. Spit it out after three minutes.

Keep the dislodged tooth

In case where a tooth has been knocked clean off, you will have to save it as there is always a possibility to re-attach it to the gumline. Don’t clean the tooth though, since it still has important fibers that are essential to making a reimplant. Also, such cases will result to an open socket where a lot of bleeding occurs. Again, apply a combination of cold and direct pressure to reduce the bleeding.

Relax and don’t move

The more you move, the slower the wound in your gums will clot. So, whenever you have a tooth injury, it’s best to not tense up or move around too much. Also, prop your head and avoid nodding so as to avoid movements that may open up the wound even more.

Get professional help

In any situation that requires immediate medical response, you will have to find a good clinic that will do the right procedures that will heal your injuries right away. Endodontists are basically your go-to professionals that will handle tooth injuries no matter how severe. You don’t have to worry about finding a good clinic near you. You can find these just about anywhere. Rightly so, you can call up an emergency dentist in Indianapolis or go straight to a dental clinic in Cincinnati without wondering if there are such services in your city.

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