How to Pass a Drug Test and What it does to Your Body?

How to Pass a Drug Test and What it does to Your Body?

Drug tests can be really annoying if we suddenly have to make them and we aren’t prepared. We can get in a lot of trouble at work if we don’t pass it which usually results in getting fired. You can probably find many methods of passing them, but you need to realize that time is the biggest issue. They will probably surprise you and say that the testing is in the next two weeks, so you won’t have too many options.

Also, it is important that they inform you about the way of testing because not every type works the same. If you are a heavy smoker, you might have a bigger problem, but they are solvable. Read the feedback on the internet about a certain method so you can know how it affected others. The body type also matters and in what shape you are. Detoxification time is usually similar for everyone with a difference between one or two days. There are a lot of websites that can help you out with this issue.

What Type Test You Are Taking?

It doesn’t matter if you are a heavy smoker or not if you don’t know which test you are taking because the time THC spends in your body differs. Most companies request that you do a urinalysis that will show from a urine sample, have you taken marijuana. More than 70 percent of all tests are this type, the other 20 or more percent is from blood and hair and the rest is saliva-based.

Everything depends on the company, if they are very serious about their job, they will have their own employees that will do the testing. But, this is in the minority of situations. Mostly, a third party lab is doing this job. It would be great if you can do your test at home which isn’t that unusual and very easy to cheat on. You can basically use someone else’s sample, but even then, people make a mistake and that other person turns out to be positive.

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How to pass it?

When you are in good shape and eat healthily, THC won’t stay too long in your body. If you exercise a few times a week, you have higher chances of passing the test then others. More than two weeks is enough to be clean and have a healthy lifestyle. But, this isn’t always the situations as we get notified about it in less than 10 days before testing.

If that is the case, and you have only about a week to cleanse your body from marijuana, you probably need to take action and detox your body. Most of the people who read articles about this topic don’t have too much time. Even when you have a week to do this you shouldn’t panic because it is very manageable without any extreme methods. The main goal is to flush your system which can be done with herbal supplementation and a detoxification diet. Basically, any detox diet will do the job if you stick to it.

Extreme Cases

The extreme cases are those who used marijuana 24 hours before testing which is the most critical one. There are on the market many products that are meant for this use where they flush your body from toxins. They work by focusing on your urinary tract and bladder to eliminate and flush toxins from the body. When you use them, you will probably have 6 hours to give a sample of clean urine.

A bad thing is that these toxins will find a way back in the system after these 6 hours until your body naturally cleans it. It is important that you get the right product. Most of them are efficient and will work, but always look for a recommendation so you can be sure. You probably know someone that was in the same situation and they found a way to pass it, so ask for them for advice about the products. Read more here.

Affecting Central Nervous System

It is great to have a little bit more information about how it affects your body if you already plan taking it. The most affect it has in on the CNS or central nervous system. A great thing about marijuana is that it can reduce inflammation and pain which helps against seizures and spasms. But, besides these good effects, there are some long-term negative effects it has.

We know that we feel great when we smoke pot, and this actually comes from releasing a big amount of dopamine in our body. It is proven that you will have a different way of processing information which can affect your judgment. Because it affects the hippocampus, it may be hard to build new memories when you are on it. Balance and movement will also be affected because it changes take place in basal ganglia and cerebellum.

Many people think they drive really safe when they are smoking weed, but it actually impacts your reflex response, coordination, and balance. If you drive really slowly it doesn’t mean it is safe. There are also delusions and hallucinations if we talk about a larger dose. The good side is that it is great versus anxiety and depression. This can work reversed on some people which is in a minority of cases.

Circulatory System

When you smoke marijuana, it goes from your lungs to the bloodstream and then to the rest of your body. Maybe you feel relaxed, but actually, your heart rate grows by 30 to 50 beats per minute. Depending on the amount and type, it can last up to four hours. That’s why it isn’t recommended to people with heart disease, they have a higher risk of heart attack. You probably know that your eyes turn red when you smoke and this is because the blood vessels expand in your eyes. That is great for people with glaucoma because it lowers the pressure in the eyes. There are more positive effects on your circulatory system. One of the most popular things is fighting against tumors and cancer.

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