Reviewing the Top-rated Features of Nosh EHR Software

Michael Chen, a physician in Portland, Oregon, created and maintained NOSH. Chen made the system after being dissatisfied with the market’s affordable EMR/EHR systems offerings, and the first version of NOSH was released in 2012. It was designed to help smaller clinics, including nonprofits, organize their operations.

The NOSH ChartingSystem, or New Open-Source Health, is an open-source clinic and record management system. Its straightforward but adaptable design allows doctors to organize their practices as they see fit. Scheduling, patient recording and charting, communications, messaging, supply management, and more are all possible with it. In addition, a care timeline displays patient interactions in a logical, chronological order.

A small GitHub community offers some help with user questions and coding to expand functionality. Providers, assistants, billers, and patients can all log in using one of four login types. Integrations with third-party fax and e-prescribing services are available for a fee.

NOSH Charting System is made up of high-quality software components that have been used by the world’s largest, most reliable, and most trusted internet service providers, including Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Adobe. You can install it on various server systems, but because of security and maintenance costs, Linux is recommended. The server can be a stand-alone computer or a cloud-based service. Support is available over the phone and online (during business hours).

Highlighted Features

Documentation and Inventory

A sophisticated inventory tracking system keeps track of vaccine and medication usage and alerts the user when supplies are running low. In addition, Nosh EMR includes supply costing to aid in financial management. The Nosh EMR reviews praise this feature due to its ease of use.

Portals for logging in

Patients can use a patient log-in to communicate with their doctor, schedule appointments, complete paperwork and records, and set email and SMS reminders. Other portals for unique access and security include provider, biller, and assistant. You can view the portals in detail during the Nosh EMR demo.


According to Nosh EHR reviews, the practitioners are informed by automatically generated reports. Active medical issues, supply reports, and other items fall into this category. In addition, you can use custom tags and default search criteria to customize notifications.

Medical Charts

Nosh EHR offers detailed medical charts that include demographics, current issues, medications, supplements, previous encounters, and more. In addition, it has an automated reminder and alert system and internal document creation and handling system that works in tandem with the patient portal.

Medical Records

Customizable reports in medical records enable more accurate and relevant reports leading to encounters. Physicians can customize the history of illness, physical examination, and system review templates to meet their specific needs. Customized electronic forms can be delivered and filled out through the patient portal, then saved in the patient’s records.


Because it is free and open-source software, Nosh EMR allows for extensive customization of features, ranging from dashboard modules to specific patient forms and documents. In addition, it provides for some third-party software integrations to expand its capabilities.

Electronic Prescription

With Nosh EHR Software, you can now fill and send prescriptions electronically, thanks to Dr.First’s integration with Rcopia. However, separate enrollment is require for this integration.

Pediatric-specific Features

According to Nosh EMR reviews, growth charts, immunizations, vaccinations, and well-child checks are included in specific pediatric records. You can view them during the Nosh EHR demo.


Faxing can be integrated via MetroFax or RingCentral for a fee, in addition to in-platform patient-physician messaging and email/SMS notifications. The system supports PDF import and export in PDF and C-CDA formats.


Nosh EMR also allows you to compile and export claims as PDF or text files for storage or upload to a claims clearinghouse.

Benefits of Nosh EHR System

Free and Open Source

Instead of spending money on practice management software, practices can save money by joining a community of like-minded practitioners for support and collaboration. The system’s Github repository allows users to collaborate with coders and coworkers to improve the software.


The software’s utility grows and changes to meet the practice’s needs. Because of its open-source nature, you can modify the system from the ground up, or users can take advantage of pre-built customization features and third-party integrations.

Custom Logins

Custom Logins: The platform supports four different types of logins, allowing all practitioners to use it: providers, assistants, billers, and patients. Each has its own set of modules and features that increase productivity without jeopardizing the security or integrity of records or data.

Integrated Practice Management

Practices can manage schedules, patients, patient records, inventory, financials, and more from a single platform. In addition, physicians, assistants, billers, and even patients benefit from integrations for import/export, notifications, and tailorable patient records and patient messaging.

Patient Records and Charts

Nosh EMR allows practices to see what they need, speed up, and optimize treatment when they need it. In addition, physicians can customize reports in any way they want, as in-depth as possible, thanks to an adaptable presentation of patient data.

Drawbacks of Nosh EHR System

  • There is no Meaningful Use certification.
  • It isn’t available as a SaaS.
  • It doesn’t include clinical decision rules.
  • There are no mobile apps available.

Nosh EHR Cost

The Nosh EMR cost is based on a monthly subscription model that charges $50 per user. You can contact the vendor for more pricing details and get a specific quote for your practice.

Nosh EMR Demo

To learn more about Nosh EHR, you can schedule a free demo. The Nosh EHR demo is an excellent way to see if the software meets all of your needs. In addition, you can delve deeper into the Nosh EHR features during the demo and browse through them in real-time. You’ll be able to make better decisions for your healthcare practice this way.

Final Notes

The NOSH (New Open-Source Health) EHR software was created with outpatient healthcare clinics in mind. The product’s primary goal is to provide healthcare providers with an electronic health record that is simple to use, modern, fast, and inexpensive.

You can schedule a demo to analyze the top features worth the Nosh EMR cost. In addition, we suggest reading Nosh EHR reviews to learn about the software’s pros and cons.


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